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Well, Dezilla is the right choice for you. We work with clients across numerous industries. India is striding ahead in Digital Era, and so is the market, making businesses realize the want for Digital Services. We highly believe that creating a solid foundation and developing a vital online presence can take any business to a higher level. We are here to take care of your business and make it reach the most outstanding level. Together, we can make a crucial impact.

Dezilla Story

DeZilla, the brand name, is derived from the word Design & Godzilla, an interactive multi-media company serving the spectacularly unique blending of graphic designs with its extraordinary marketing ideas, which uphold your needs; it also benefits your company immensely. With experienced professionals, we remarkably provide services in the field of web designing, web development, hosting, web redesigning, and mobile application development. Our designs aren’t in a basic form; we design art that portrays your company, is incredibly appealing, and precisely captures the selected audience; in other words, with our outstanding assistance, we make THE MAGICAL MASTERPIECE OF THE DESIGN for you.

Our team of experts works with extreme determination, to create perfect art, hard work doesn’t fear thinking big. They are always at the forefront to provide the best service ever possible with the top work etiquette, excellent services, time supervision, transparency and honesty, as we believe that these are the pillars of trust and practice. We strive to take each design personally to connect with it on the other level and give our best. DeZilla not only makes sure to impress but also creates a memorable impact in the minds of its owners and audience. We are here to help you design your world and unhook the power of the digital platform to enhance your company promisingly and make it memorably the best for today’s generation and many more to come as we believe that your success is our success.

Our Vision

With at most determination to provide to our clients, our vision is to impact creation and blend ideas to nurture your business to reach extreme levels and high potential. We aim for the epitome, of customer satisfaction, the one who isn’t apprehensive about being different and thinks big. We highly believe in harmony, do what we say, and 24/7 help. Our team functions as a solid team to help you accomplish your targeted goals and also the ones that you haven’t even thought about. Our firm promotes the idea the concept that furnishes a wide variety of well-designed products and services at a modest and cost-effective rate.


BX | CX | Creative Director

Company Founder

Meet Our Leader

Aayushya Rathod

VP Sales, Advisory Board

Dhruv Patel

Front Desk Supporter

Ravi Mistry

Associate, Pre Sales

Karan Shah

VP Finance

Dharmin Patel

Manager, Finance i

Styven Parekh

Manager, Finance i

Vishal Patel


VP, IT Services & Product

bharat Dhimmar

UI/UX & Motion

Devloper Operations

Aakash Patel


Senior Devloper l

Vrushal Shah


Senior Devloper ll

Dezilla Creative Teams

Sakshi Desai


Manager IT Support

Tapan Dhimar

Associate Graphic Designer

Ashish Patil

SEO & SMO Specialist

VP Marketing

Hitesh Mande - Dezilla Creative Teams


SEO & SMO Specialist

Dezilla Creative Teams


SEO & SMO Specialist

Dezilla Creative Teams


Manager Content Writing

Dezilla Creative Teams



Megha parekh


Priyanka Joshi

Associate HR


Associate Sales

Why Choose us?

Here are just a few reasons why you should use atomic to take your business to the next level.

We are a highly experienced professional team that specializes in delivering high-end web solutions.

We are up-to-date with the latest proven technology.

We are experts in user interface design, enabling easy navigation for users.

We are experienced in social media and remain up to date with the latest online trends.

We deliver on budget.

9+ Years Experience

Amazing Skilled Team

We guide you best to present your business branding online.